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Make A Parenting Plan That Works For You And Your Child

Sorting out the details of child custody is one of the thorniest aspects of divorce. There is no one right away to divide the rights and responsibilities of parenthood, and every family is unique. We will help you navigate this process and create an arrangement that works for you and your changing family.

While most people are familiar with terms like “custody” and “visitation,” under Montana law these terms have been replaced by the more holistic concept of a “parenting plan.” The purpose of this shift in language was to move away from the idea that only one parent has “custody” of a child since most families split the rights and responsibilities in more complex ways.

When a couple with children divorces in Montana, both parents will need to submit a parenting plan. The court’s underlying priority is to ensure that your plan serves “the best interests of the child,” so it’s important to keep this in mind while drafting the plan.

Comprehensive Assistance In Custody Matters

Your parenting plan will have to address a long list of detailed issues such as:

  • Where your child will physically reside
  • A schedule of how much time your child will spend with each parent
  • Who will be empowered to make decisions about your child’s education, health care, religious upbringing and more
  • Decisions related to child support

The attorneys at Hansen Law Practice, PLLC, can also assist in modifications to your original parenting plan custody questions that arise after the initial parenting plan is created, for example, if one parent is planning to relocate to another city or state.

Get Started On A Thorough Parenting Plan

We will help you make a plan that meets your needs, protects your financial interests, and most importantly helps you continue to provide a happy and healthy childhood for your child or children. To learn more about how we can help you navigate child custody questions, let’s meet by phone or in our Missoula office for an initial consultation. To make an appointment, call 406-303-7585 or reach us by email.