Working Toward Unique Results For Every Family

Provide For Your Child And Protect Your Finances

Along with sorting out child custody issues, child support is one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce. Under Montana law, both parents are responsible for providing for their child’s well-being, but this responsibility can be satisfied in many different ways. Child support is a tool that can be used to help your child get adequate housing, food, clothing and provide other basic needs when parents have unequal sources of income; it can also be used to compensate for unequal distribution of parental responsibilities.

As your attorneys, we can help you understand what is reasonable and what is not so that you can provide for your child’s material needs while ensuring that the child’s other parent contributes his or her fair share to the child’s needs as well.

Each family is unique, but in every case, we will work aggressively to help you assert your and your child’s interests.

Support In Establishing And Enforcing Child Support Payments

Although child support first comes up during the divorce process, further issues can arise over time as each parent’s financial circumstances change. In addition to helping you craft the original child support arrangement, we can assist in subsequent matters such as:

  • Enforcement of child support payments, for example, one parent becomes delinquent on payments
  • Modifying an existing child support plan
  • Establish paternity when appropriate

Learn More About Your Child Support Options

Whether you are just beginning to consider divorce, working through custody issues or are seeking to modify a longstanding support arrangement, we can help you understand the law and make a plan that works for you. In our first meeting, we will explain exactly how we can help based on the details of your situation.

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